Direct Feed System

Our rainwater harvesting direct feed system is designed for the home owner to collect, filter and store rainwater within an underground tank for both domestic and garden irrigation purposes.

Rainwater is classed as non-potable, allowing water to be used for toilets and washing machines. Together with garden use, this equates to around 50% of a domestic water bill.

In this system, water is fed directly from the submersible pump in the underground tank to each appliance.

Due to the submersible pump featuring pressure sensitivity, whenever a toilet is flushed, the pump will register a drop in pressure, then pump until the cistern is full and automatically switch itself off again.

Should the rainwater tank ever run dry in drought periods, the system is provided with a mains water backup – the Rain Backup in a Box┬«. The system uses a level sensor in the tank to open a solenoid valve within the control unit toallow around 200L of mains water to enter the tank.

The mains water back up device used in our direct feed system is designed to deliver a small amount of mains water to ensure all domestic appliances are kept fully functioning during times when the underground rainwater tank has insufficient water due to lack of rain fall.

The size of tank for direct feed systems range between
1500 to 7500 litres.

Sizing of the tank depends entirely on your usage and the level of drought protection you require for your garden.

Please call either Rob on 01733 405103 or Ian on 01733 405104 and we will calculate the size of tank you require.

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