Carat 2700 Litre Direct Feed System

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Graf Carat tank 2700 litre underground domestic and garden rain harvesting system. The tried and trusted Carat from Graf, supplied complete as a kit for use as a domestic or garden system. Featuring auto-mains back-up. IN STOCK – READY TO SHIP. Mainland UK delivery included

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Graf Carat tank 2700 litre underground rainwater harvesting system kit. The trusted Carat from Graf, supplied complete as a kit for use as a domestic household or garden rain water harvesting system. This complete system Features auto-mains back-up.

The graphic image above shows the main components of the Carat DUK2 System and a typical layout for a simple domestic and garden application. The item marked with a * is the Rain Backup in a Box®. This 12v automated valve will trickle mains water into the tank when it is very low due to sustained drought to allow the connected domestic appliances (e.g. toilet) to work.

External HDPE Rainwater Pipe included. It is important to identify a source of a water supply. Untreated rainwater is not for human consumption and so water companies are recommending (and in some cases requiring) that Black and Green HDPE pipe is used for piping rainwater from the tank to the point of use – eg. garden tap. The point of use should be clearly labelled to show that rain water is the source. We include 25mm black and green hdpe pipe and labels with this kit with the option to buy further rolls of pipe.

Why buy this system?

  • Home and Garden Use
  • Feeds garden tap and toilet cystern(s)
  • Automated mains water back-up in case of long drought
  • Prefiltered rainwater delivered to the underground tank
  • Quiet (pump submerged)
  • Pressure sensitive pump only works when tap opened
  • Lifting kit not necessary – can be man-handled onto the site
  • Exceptionally strong but light two piece Duralen moulding
  • Time tested and backed by a 15 year manufacturer warranty
  • Tank construction allows for manoeuvre into less accessible locations -even though doorways
  • Components precision made and matched for fast assembly

The Rain Backup in a Box® is WRAS Approved (#1306031) and fitted inside the building where the occupiers can see and hear it.

What comes with this kit?

  • GF-372001 – Graf Carat tank, undergound 2700 litre
  • GF-371001 – Carat dome (turret)
  • GF-371010 – Carat lid, telescopic, made of PE (green)
  • GF-330192 – Calmed inlet (into base of tank)
  • 27-20-25 – 1″ Strainer
  • GF-330108 – Overflow siphon (high water level outlet, fits filter)
  • GF-371030 – Carat 2700 accessory pack including tank sealing kit
  • GF-375021 – Carat tank dome sealing kit
  • GF-340037 – Graf Optimax Pro Filter
  • RWH-HYD01 – Series 3 Submersible pump and inline filter from Hydroforce Pumps Ltd
  • RWH-HDPE25/25 – Rainwater pipe HDPE 25mm diameter 25 metre coil
  • RWH-BUB01 – Rain Back Up in a Box
  • Delivery Haulage, UK mainland included (Highlands & islands on request)

Graf Carat tank 2700 litre, Complete System 2 underground KIT includes a 2700 litre underground tank, Optimax Pro filter, Enviro pump and the accessories needed to enable you to capture rainwater, filter it and store it at steady temperature ready for use in the home – e.g the flush a toilet – or in the garden to irrigate, power wash, top up water features etc. Some standard external pipework and connectors will be needed but are not included in the kit as the location of the system will determine the amount of pipework required.

Graf Optimax Pro filter included as standard
In response to customer demand, we have included the Graf’s Optimax Pro filter which fits neatly inside the turret of theOptimax premium filter Carat tank. With its integrated overflow siphon and inlet calming device, we no longer need to cut holes in the turret other than those provided by Graf in the moulding.

The Optimax Pro Filter is self cleaning – water arriving across the filter mesh pushes excess debris and leaves to the overflow. The optional extra hose connector permits you to connect a hose and wash it through more thoroughly from time to time.

If you are referring to the Graf catalogue or brochure, this kit from RainWater Harvesting is the equivalent to the Graf Eco Plus Package; our kit includes items 1) the Tank 2) the dome or “turret” and 3) Filter package 3. In place of the Graf pump package we provide the high quality, popular and more reliable Series 3 submersible pump, and a inline filter to take the cleanest water first.

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Width 1565mm 1755mm 1985mm 2190mm
Height 1400mm 1590mm 1820mm 2100mm
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Half Height ie before assembly
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